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9 Alkaline foods which cleanse toxic acid from our body

As a result, we will be sharing to you 9 alkaline foods that you should be consuming or even adding to your regular diet:

1. Almonds

These superpower nuts can actually be seen on almost any list of the healthiest foods that you have to it. It is loaded with essential nutrients and even important plant-based fatty acids which are stored in their oil and they also contain a huge amount of alkaline. Aside of being good for the health of your hair, skin and brain, almonds can also assist in elevating muscle mass, lowering the level of your cholesterol and even helping you to lose some weight.

2. Cucumbers

Being known as the go-to veggie for summers, cucumbers are natural diuretics, which actually means that they have the ability to help in hydrating the body, as well as getting rid of the excess water, ultimately balancing the acid levels by the means of cleansing and washing out those nasty toxins and accumulated acids, that made the human body as their home. Aside of being a great choice for actively cleaning the human system, cucumber juice is also effective in healing conditions that were caused by too much uric acid or a waste material that is commonly found in urine.

3. Cabbages

The leafy goodness of cabbage can actually provide the needed nutrients by the body, which includes magnesium and roughage, which has the ability to assist the body in keeping the digestive system, immunity and alkalinity balanced and healthy at a cellular level. Moreover, cabbage has been said to be really effective in preventing and reversing certain types of cancers. It contains a huge amount of fiber that can also help in lowering the count of calorie and it is the perfect ingredient to be added to any kind of diet out there.

4. Plum Tomatoes

Plum tomatoes are loaded with Vitamins A, C, E and it can actually do wonders in helping cure skin disorders, maintaining your calories in check, healing urinary tract infections or UTI, aiding in bladder problems and even bladder-connected cancers. This is all possible due to its high water content, therefore it can get rid of the excess acid in the body by stimulating urination, so they can be released from our systems.

5. Grapefruits

This citrus-rich fruit makes a great juice or it can also be consumed as it is. It has natural properties that has the ability to help in enhancing the metabolism, it also assist in maintaining your body weight in check and shedding that unnecessary fats that is clinging onto your body. Aside of being a dietary weight-loss secret that it has, it is also an alkaline-carrying fruit that contains low sugar, and despite of its sour taste and being acidic, it does nothing but to improve the levels of alkaline inside your body and provides your immunity with potent dose of Vitamin C, as well.

6. Key Limes

Another type of citrus fruit, key limes are known to be potent small fruits which are heavily loaded with Vitamin C, as a result, it can clear your urinary tracts of toxins, excess acid, which includes uric acid, bacteria and the like. A build-up of uric acid inside the body can actually result to pain, inflammation and even make your health a lot worse, as this waste material can gradually infect your internal organs. Key limes have the ability to effectively get rid of those uric acid and other acids from the body with their anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Lemons

When life gives you a lot of lemons, juice them out in order to detox your body both inside and out, cleanse your digestive system and even provide healthy acidic balance back. Lemons are known as superstars in most of old folk remedies just like flus, infections and even in losing weight. Ironically, lemons contain citric acid, but in spite of being called just like that, it is an amazing food that is loaded with alkaline that the body requires. Regardless of its acidic nature, it has the ability to generate alkaline responses in the body and is very low in sugar.

8. Basil

Basil has been considered as the “king of herbs,” which is a deserving title for him because it is loaded with a lot of nutrients that one usually needs to get from different kinds of foods. This lovely Italian herb contains a huge amount of Vitamin K, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, Vitamin C and a lot more. All of these properties can detoxify the body by reducing the acid levels, as well as fighting against components that are responsible for the creation of kidney stones in a natural way. It can also assist in cleaning the kidneys out with the help of frequent urination.

9. Cantaloupes

It is originated from the family of melon and they are loaded with a huge amount of water, beta-carotene, phytochemicals, most of the important forms of Vitamin B that can actually assist the body in battling against and getting rid of toxins and too many acids. They can also help the immune system by producing more number of white blood cells in order to effective keep those nasty toxic substances away besides optimizing and balancing the alkaline levels of the body.