Healing Acne Scars – Practices to Follow

Healing Acne Scars – Practices to Follow

Acne can be both difficult and a bit complex to handle, especially if it is quite a lot in number. Acne is a skin condition mostly common in teenagers and occurs due to several factors like when the skin starts to produce abnormal quantity of sebum and it gets deposited on the skin surface and gets mixed up with the bacteria and the debris that comes in contact with your skin. Acne can also occur or can be stimulated if the environmental conditions are too much polluted and the skin is not taken care of nicely. There are many treatments available for acne scars but the best ones are carried out in a slow process and even after removal and elimination of acne, the scars sometimes remain. Sometimes these scars can also get infection when they react with bacteria and the skin might also get discolored and especially for those people who are in a habit of touching and squeezing their acne time and again.

No matter how slow the process of healing scars may take, yet it is not impossible to remove it. By following some guidelines and practices, a person can well manage the skin condition, remove acne scars and also prevent the acne from recurring. These tips are as follows:


1. Lemon juice is said to have natural skin bleaching agents and has been used since hundreds of years on skin and is said to have given best results. Applying lemon juice on face not only lightens the skin and prevents discoloration, but also removes the dead cells from skin which also include the scars. This is a really good way to treat acne scars. Lime juice should be applied daily and left on skin for twenty minutes.

2. Honey is also a wonderful agent and helps a great deal to remove acne scars, dead cells and helps to give a fresh, glowing look. Application of honey everyday (can also be mixed with lime juice for more results) for ten minutes can do wonders to your skin.

3. Aloe vera gel is one of the natural ways of deep skin cleansing and not only lightens scars on skin, but also helps to tighten the skin and give a young and a fresh look.

4. There are some skin ointments available that can also help to remove scarring left by acne. However, it is much better if natural ways are opted

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