When Can I Start Lifting Weights?

Many athletes ask me “Hey Vergie, my Coach wants me to put on 10 lbs of muscle for next season, when can I start lifting weights?”

Good question.

Here’s “The 400-Rep Test”…

Once you can handle hundreds of reps of body weight exercise without being crippled the next day, then we can start looking at adding weights to your training.

What do I mean by “hundreds of reps of body weight exercises?”  Something like:

  • 4 continuous sets of this…
    • 25 push-ups
    • 25 lunges
    • 25 TRX rows
    • 25 squats

…for a total of 400 reps (100 of each of the four exercises: push-ups, lunges, rows, squats).

If you can do this workout in under 20 minutes, you’re probably ready to to start adding weights.

How To Add Weights to Your Workout

It’s key for you to get proper coaching on how to do each exercise.  I know of athletes who have ripped apart tendons and shoulders just from doing a push-up wrong.

And that kind of injury can nag an athlete for the rest of their life.

To avoid that kind of painful, unnecessary injury, make sure you get:

  • proper coaching on how to do the movement from a qualified professional
  • supervision from a professional to give you feedback to make sure you get strong while also staying safe

If you ever want to test yourself with the “400-Rep Test”, give us a shout and you’re welcome to come down to Vergie Conditioning to see how you do.  Just call us at (403) 252-3211, or email us at info@vergieconditioning.com.

And remember, SPEED – develop the habit!

Glenn :)

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